January '23:

New art:

November '22:

New animation:

New art:

E- passed a homeless man with hairy legs who said “you look gorgeous!”
It was the first time E- had heard that in its entire life.
E- tried to cry and tried not to cry simultaneously all afternoon.

August '22:

New art:

Convolvulus, commonly known as bindweed, is nearly impossible to get out of an amateurs garden. Attempting to dig up their root networks gives one a profound feeling of grim commradship with whomever came up with the title convolvulus. You can pull the weeds on the surface for a day, or a month, but the roots are just where they’ve always been.

Beware the convolvulus of your mind.

June '22:

New art:

The site is now completely unresponsive to different browser types!
A quick word on that:
Put simply, making web pages is fun, making them responsive is exceedingly dull. If there is one thing this place has no interest in being, it’s widely accessible. So until E- is better at coding and/or more worried about what other people think,
use those cntrl + - keys until everything fits.

May '22:

New art:

Just about everything is different. Again.

Really there's only an updates page because it fills up space. It’s a very funny feeling to put so much time into something that no one knows about. That’s why E- talks to itself. ‘Well done E-! you really did spend a lot of time on something there
let’s write a record of it to try and make it feel worthwhile!’
…or something like that.

January '22:

New art:

Complete overhall pending...

August '21:

Website status is hypothetically operational! All the important bits are meeting the bare minimum of functionality as far as we’re aware.