Many moons ago, E- aquired a version of solidworks on a dusty windows XP. ever since it has had a strange cumpulsion for constructing cities in 3d programs. these screenshots are all that remain.

Kowloon Walled City

An obsessive compulsive disorder cleverly disguised as an art project. This is a historically accurate model of the famous Hong Kong slum demolished in 1993. The initial drive was to explore the beauty of a pragmatic urban environments. The type of place that ‘wears its heart on its sleeve’. Every element is a result of pure functionality. Romanticizing a bit, it can also be seen as a individualist and anarchistic utopia.

None of those ideas have the slightest connection to E-’s destructive work habits or what this project ended up as. Namely, a way to feel productive while listening to something in the background for well over a year. 3d modeling particularly lends itself to this sort of mindlesstasking. This model now stands as a monument to indecision. There were better things to work on, but they would have required concentration and thus been more difficult.
The only hope of redemption is if any future soul may find a use for this thing so here it is ->

No need to credit anyone but the god of lost potential.