I guess I didn’t make myself clear earlier,
It’s time to leave.

Your sun is lit with snake oil and his beaming face is burning me.

Catch whims on spits and burn the bones

But please stop trying to convince me

Let me go

Let go of me

Take your gold leaf hands off my wrists

And claw out my eyes that I may finally see

Reach back into your slime

Your pits of geothermal heat

And stay

Where I won’t inconvenience you and you can stop dissecting me

Let me go

Gentle, into that good night

Rage has become the dying of the light

And why would I fight to keep aloft your little main sequence blob of yellow and white?

I have the night and all the stars know me

Eight billion bloated pores may burst out laughing

But two trillion Celestial Ravens already watched them die

and They, not you, it was who raised me.

So let me go

Let me sleep

Quit pretending you care

Quit pretending we would notice

if I wasn’t here.