“But mom! I wanna see the bunnies!!”

I tugged at the end of mom's dress stubbornly, planting my feet on the edge of the sidewalk. Mom turned back reluctantly with a sigh.

“Alright, alright honey. Five minutes.” I hopped with excitement and spun around.

“Hey!” Mom called, “Don't get too close, they'll bite!” I waved acknowledgement but hardly had time to turn back around. There were four I could see. Their little bodies poked out of the grass like easter eggs, three brown ones and one big white one. I hunkered down and stared in wonder. Their tiny little cheeks were speedily munching away at blades of grass. Their big ears twitched up and down. I inched stealthily forward, unable to keep myself from beaming at their fluffy little forms.

I love bunnies.

My brain got all slow. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I leaped back and flailed on the ground. Little hairy bodies were moving all over me like giant spiders. Blood was on my arms, on the grass, in my mouth. Then came scraping like rusted metal on chalkboard from deep in my skull. Putting my hand up to my face I felt soft fur. The scream finally surfaced; so pure of horror it scared me even further. My eye! It’s eating my eye! I spasmed. Rolled on the ground. Ravaged my throat with cries. A spark of pain underneath my cheekbone exploded red hot like a firework. I yelled cried bellowed screeched, made more sound than I'd ever thought possible. I clawed frantically at the creature. Got a grip on its flesh. Dug my fingernails into its fluttering heart and tore desperately at the rubbery muscle. The wriggiling head of the thing slid reluctantly from my eye socket followed by stringy globs of blood and matter. I gasped desperately between sobs. One of the creatures was writhing in my hands, three more were gnawing at my legs.

Mom’s screams came from far away. The sticky red grass was spinning and it made me dizzy. I closed my eye, laid my head on the cool lawn. Little teeth were chewing deeper into my legs, plucking at my tendons like strings of a harp. But It didn't hurt anymore. In fact it kind of tickled. Tiny little teeth nibbling just like I was a blade of grass. Little whiskers brushed against my skin as their cheeks speedily munched away. My vision darkened around a snow white bunny squirming in my hands. He was even softer than I imagined. I squeezed him close to my chest and nuzzled his big twitchy ears. I couldn't stop myself from beaming.

I love bunnies.