I hate art.

Really, it’s utterly fruitless, pretentious, and absurdly pointless. Why do I bother?

I had a friend once. We’ll call her Joy. Joy and I were inseparable practically since birth. We would laugh and cry, play in the fields and forests and mountains. Oh the adventures we’d come up with! Our imaginations were endless. Hand in hand we created places so breathtaking you’d never want to leave. On the rare occasions I wasn't exploring with her I was trying to bring our worlds to life through art. My parents were worried. “It isn't healthy to only have one friend.” they said “why don’t you go play with the other kids at school?” but I never listened. I had my Joy. and we were inseparable. Laying in each other's arms on the roof under the icy stars we told each other again and again “you are my everything” “I will never leave you.”

The years went on and I became more devoted to drawing out our worlds, letting the less fortunate souls see how wonderful our life was. She would always gasp with delight when I showed her a drawing of mine. I began to have less and less time to play with her as the chores of my dull human life piled on top of me. I had to spend my energy on school and satisfying my parents and on and on. But as long as Joy was by my side I was happy.

Time began to spin. Faster and faster, sometimes I’d go for months without seeing my friend. I started to feel our unbreakable bond unwinding, but by the time I realized it it was too late. She was gone. She didn’t even say goodbye. How. How HOW could this happen? We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives in each other's arms. We promised. We promised again and again oh god what did I do. What did I do to her to make her forget about me? No this can’t happen. I'm nothing without her. And when they asked what made me do it I couldn't believe it. How could they not understand? And when they locked me in that place with the screams and the cameras and the pills everyday and asked “are you hearing or seeing things others don’t?” I just covered my ears and cried.

“Are you hearing or seeing things others don’t?”

no no no she was fucking real!

“Are you hearing or seeing things others don’t?”

SHE WAS REAL! It's you. You’re the crazy ones. I'm normal. I was happy.

“Are you hea-”shut up shutup ShutUp SHUTUP!! STOP IT I-I…

I’m alone.

I’ve always been alone.

I have nothing. Nothing but the worlds we created and my ability to create them.

I hate art.

But I hate reality more.