In the beginning, Phosphorus was born, in the form of an unremarkable human at the turn of the 21st century. He was known then as Arnold. A young child who was made popular by the moderately successful web series ``Midlight'' about a fantasy world in which two civilisations battled over political ideologies. It consisted of two arks and was intended to be a trilogy if not for Arnolds mysterious disappearance which significantly boosted the writings popularity for a short time before being lost to the 2040 wireless crisis.
That is all the information there is.

The gruff military general scowled at the floor. “And you’re trying to tell me all that is just a fucking coincidence?” his Evian accent scraped at the human ambassador´s ears. She stiffened her posture and half tried to not to sound irritated. “yes, that is what I'm trying to tell you. For over a century we have known the universe to contain over two trillion galaxies, each with billions of solar systems. Statistically, it is nearly impossible for there not to be coincidences such as this planet” he scoffed at the ceiling “Your race is so predictable. If the God of the Universe dropped by tomorrow with lightning coming out of his hands you’d be calling it a scientific anomaly. That's why you’ll never stop the Arachnyds. You, and those cannibals.”
“Well let's hope Phosphorus saves us with his lightning hands then.” A chuckle came from the back of the room.

The grainy footage ended and light painted the starol auditorium once again. Professor Armstrong cleared his throat. “Now Besides the clear predigest going on here, Can someone tell me why the Evian may have lost the debate?” four or five hands went up, not including mine of course. In fact, I didn’t listen to a word after that. I can’t care less about dusty Skyrian history. We colonised it, giant spiders took it over, we took it back. The end. Seriously, this school is driving me insane. As if I haven't reidorated that enough yet.
Anyhow, I suppose I’m really just rambling to avoid talking about that afternoon. Tons of you have been asking me if I was there or whatever. Yeah I was there. They touched down right as I was leaving. It was pretty awesome I guess but there were so many people I didn’t stay too long. To be perfectly honest, they're pretty overrated… yeah that's about all for today. Good night peeps!

“that's it?!” Camren slumped back in her chair. defeated . “That's the only mention of Phosphorus by her chief advisor prior to the 55th century?”
“records can become unreliable these days” her A.I. replied, clearly sensing her disappointment.
“there's nothing left to research then is there”
¨I don't want to say it, but i'm afraid so¨ silence awkwardly filled the small apartment. ¨Hey, maybe you should take up another hobby. Didn't you want to be a scientist before?¨ Camren rubbed her forehead ¨I don't know man. I think I´m gonna take a walk.¨
¨ Good idea! I´ll make you some tea when you get back.¨
¨thanks Dave.¨ the blue light faded signaling the A.I. was resting. Camren stretched as she walked to the door. She grabbed her jacket on the way out.
Huni city was as pleasant as ever. Four thousand years of scientifically perfected blue skies bathed rows of gleaming towers topped with trees and vines. The daylight however was no longer strong enough to hide the light of Andromeda. The forboting disc loomed pending from horizon to horizon. The collision was now less than a hundred thousand years away. Camran strolled past the orange trees and the picnic tables avoiding eye contact with the other inhabitants. Eventually she came to a modest outdoor coffee shop where she met a very nice woman named Gloria who happened to live in the neighboring complex. They talked for some time and returned to that shop on many occasions.
They ended up getting married two years later. Gloria became an astroenviormentalist and traveled through much of the first and second Great Belts. Camren did in fact find success in historical journalism although she didn't return to Phosphouses origins. She stayed on Skyra to raise you in Huni where you graduated with an ANC at Ember Academy.
Is that accurate?

“Yes Sir.” I said reassuringly.
“And why do you feel fit for this mission son?“ the commanding officer looked up from his screen for the first time since I walked in the room.
“Well with all due respect, discovery is my life. Everything I've done has been for the vitality of scientific endeavors. To snuff out the organisations that halt progress. Humans and Arníníes were bound to colonize the universe. Uncover all the secrets of the Cosmos and thrive in perpetual ingenuity. I'm committed to dethrone Phosphorus and putting us back in control of our own lives.“ I surged with confidence upon delivering my monolog. The officer seemed convinced enough.
“well you certainly share our cause, not that we doubted you in the first place. Very well! I'm assigning you to the Archimedes mission as secondary analyst. Congratulations young man.“ he stood up to shake my hand. “good luck. And be sure not to miss your flight!“ he chuckled.
The Archimedes departed the following week. There were about twelve of us on board, none of whom I bothered to get to know, but we were still comrades in a way. We jumped 30 light years counter-spiral to the Kepler 558C System and another 87 light years inwards. There we stopped at a Lagrange station on the Pittsburgh Belt. it was a far stretch from pleasant, mostly Arninies from the migration, you know, the ones who still eat each other… but I digress. We were looking for some mobster who apparently had met Phosphorus persionaly. We never found him of course. That's when everything went to shit.
You know, I think I get it now. I guess we do need God, just not some self righteous idiot who can make one little planet and call it a miracle. We need a real God. we need you.“

God looked down on the disheveled little human and smiled kindly. “thee is too gratuitous. Nonetheless I doth willfully take thy words to body and soul.“ God giggled and the man looked at his shoes.
God was on her way to the nine o'clock arms of the Milky Way. A galaxy collision was taking place and it was her obligation to meet the significant lifeforms. Sign autographs, listen to complaints, etc… The whole thing had gotten rather tedious after the first billion or so. Still, she looked forward to the ribbon cutting and the unveiling of the new Milkdromeda. A once in a species experience for the natives. She had the poor soul they rescued chauffeured to a neighboring planet and resumed listening to her advisors on the local customs and politics.
The ´Phosphorus´ it had been speaking of was a worshiped figure widely accepted especially by the humans and the evians. It had apparently constructed the planet that now linked humans and arninies who were otherwise separated by spiral arms. God sipped her rather bland local drink known as ´vodka´ and reclined as Andromeda grew in the distance.
Skyra was a typical rock planet entirely populated by the two species. The capital was called Huni, a quant, rather unthought out metropolis of meny reflective carbon fiber structures. She descended on to the most important looking one and spoke in a soft friendly tone.
“An important day doth all shall behold!¨ the voice rang like rivers of sparkling silver in the mind of every life form on the planet's surface. All of them stopped instantly enchanted and awestruck beyond their imagination.
“Good morrow my children! Thus arrived I have, in good spirit and vitality that shall be shared with all! When first I conceived this Universe of yours, I had seen but one truth. That creativity shall be not but others to horde as they so wish.” she was about to continue but that’s when I killed her.

Phosphorus laughed a mighty laugh. The sickly looking girl looked up at him in shock “you killed God?”
“Just like that??”
“Easier than squashing a grape.” he laughed again and wiped more peach juice from his beard “you know I haven’t had a good subject to tell stories to in hell knows how many centuries. You remind me of when I was your age. Who are you anyway?” The girl was typing on her laptop which irritated Phosphorus but for some reason he could not explain he didn't mention it.
“Me? Oh I’m just an admirer. I’ve often wished I had control in my own little universe, you know. It must be wonderful.”
“You have large aspirations for someone so insignificant.” the girl smirked and continued to type. Phosphorus suddenly had an odd sense of unease about this whole thing. Perhaps it was Deja vu, or maybe he just felt not entirely in control for once in a very, very long time. “What are you doing anyway?” he said with an edge of accusation. The girl glanced up in utter confidence. “Me? Oh I’m just recording our conversation. To be honest, I’ve got this huge final for one of my classes due tomorrow and since this whole story spans several trillion years in the first act alone, I thought I might wrap things up by talking with you directly and getting your view of the whole thing.”
Phosphorus definitely didn’t like this smelly delusioned mortal now. Nor did he want her in his sight any longer. “You know, I think your arrogance is close to rivaling God.” he raised his hand to atomize the acne ridden seventeen year old but quickly realised he couldn't move at all. He went into a state of shock not knowing what was happening. The girl calmly stood up from her beanbag chair and looked at him with a sadistic gleam in her eye. “Aaaaaand that's three pages!”
“What the fuck are you?” Arnold grunted.
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten!” Arnold’s expression remained unchanged of a few seconds before melting to raw terror. “n-no”
She turned away and walked down the hall.
She began laughing maniacally as she was enveloped in a shroud of fog.
“YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS! YOU CAN’T JUST GET A PASSING GRADE BY DOING SOME HALF ASSED FOURTH WALL BREAKING BULLSHIT!! I HATE YOU!!! YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER FUCKING EDGELORD WHO THINKS THIS IS FUNNY. YOU THINK YOU’RE SO FUCKING SMART DON'T YOU? I HOPE YOU GET HIT BY A FUCKING BUS TOMORROW!!!!!!” Arnold stopped and gasped for breath. Tears filled his mouth with salt. He knew there was nothing he could do. He was in someone else's fantasy. Everything he said. Everything he thought. Everything he felt. It was made up by someone else. And now it was over.
He was never going to see the Hyperverse. See a true, meaningful ending. It was over. He turned his palm to his face and stared at it.
He closed his eyes and lightning shot from his hand. Blowing his brains all over the soft, floral carpet.